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Thank you for your interest in helping SASS! This event is run entirely by volunteers, and your contributions help out in a BIG way. Below you will find info on how to contribute as either sponsor or a donor.

Contact us at events@swop-seattle.org to make arrangements or ask questions.

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Donating to SWOP-Seattle & SASS
Financial Sponsorship

Sponsorship Spec Deadlines for Sponsor Inclusion
Specs for Printed & Online Sponsor Inclusion

Donating to SWOP-Seattle & SASS:
SASS is produced and hosted by SWOP-Seattle, and any funds left over that we earn during SASS go right back into our programming and annual expenses. By donating to SASS, you are enabling us to build platform from which sex workers can speak (as opposed to be spoken for), and helping us to push the agenda of human rights for all.  SWOP-Seattle has a lengthy track record of putting sex workers rights into the mainstream, and via SASS, we are able to reach new audiences and bring in diverse speakers from across the country. Thank you for supporting SASS!

Financial Sponsorship

Let’s be frank…this event costs money to run, and we can use all the help we can get! Our first SASS in Dec 2014 was a HUGE hit, as was the following March 2016 SASS!  We had numerous sold out events, featuring eye-opening discussions and performances of considerable depth. We also hosted tremendously successful social events for current and retired sex workers, offering safe peer support space for over 70 participants! Supporting SASS is an effective way to empower the sex worker rights movement, and to help shift cultural attitudes around a heavily stigmatized topic. Your help paves the way for a world where people have a right to bodily autonomy, to earn a living in a way that best suits their needs, and to interact with other consenting adults without fear of extreme social shaming or incarceration.

That said, please peruse our fabulous sponsorship packages…

Thank you so much for supporting SASS 2017! Your contribution will help us cover our supplies (printing, food, office, etc) for this festival, and return we will…
-List your name on our printed and online publicity materials.
– Sing your praises at our live events.
– Blow you lot’s of kisses. Mwah!

What a wonderful gift, we are so grateful! This endowment will enable us to cover our presenter stipends and travel, ensuring that the compelling people who make SASS great get the treatment they deserve. To thank you for sponsoring our performers, we will…
– Give you an eye-catching banner on our printed and online publicity materials!
– Blab incessantly about how great you are at our live events.
– Offer you 2 free tickets to a SASS 2017 event of your choosing!

GOLD SPONSORSHIP – ($500-$1000)
True to our nature as whores, we are dedicated to lavishing our most generous sponsors with tons of attention, praise, and fun extras. This sponsorship will get you…
– Big, beautiful graphics on all printed and online publicity materials.
– Tons of lip service and name dropping at all live events, and forever after.
– 2 VIP All-Access Passes to SASS 2017 events!

Below is a rough breakdown of our 2017 expenses:

Town Hall – $1200
Community Day – $800
Central Cinema – $1,200
Town Hall – $2000
Harlot’s Ball – $500
Art of Activism – $500
Printing – $650
Ads – $500
T-shirts & table materials  – $500
Truly misc. –  $500
 TOTAL: $3,200  TOTAL: $3,000  TOTAL: $2,150



Tangible Goods and Certificates
We are seeking items and certificates of varying value for our live events. Bigger ticket items would be included in our Sunday night raffle. Smaller items will be used as raffle prizes at our Harlot’s Ball. We are also happy to accept items for catering our Sexy Professional Social, and proving food or services for our Health Fair.

Contact us at events@swop-seattle.org to make arrangements or ask questions.


Sponsorship Spec Deadlines for Sponsor Inclusion:
On Printed Posters and Table Tops – Monday February 6th
On SASS Website – Monday February 13th
Recited and Projected At Live Events – Wednesday March 1st

Artwork Specs for Printed & Online Inclusion
All of our spots and spaces for sponsors will be slightly different depending on the medium. Please just send us your largest images, and our fabulous designer will whip them into shape.

Posters, Programs, & Printed Materials – 300 resolution jpg, tiff, psd, ai
Website & Online Newsletters – minimum 72 resolution jpg, tiff, psd, ai

Contact Us:
If you would like to sponsor or donate to SASS, or ask us questions, please contact us at events@swop-seattle.org.


To submit a payment for sponsorships, please use this Paypal button:

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