Performers & Presenters

the Berry is an all star and a Roddick bodyworker with multiple disabilities. She uses sex work as performance art to explore the way Disability and desirability function in our society. She also writes/and ask political energy work via skeleton cowgirls, ghost manatees, and waterways underneath Florida – – all part of the manuscript she’ll be reading from at the Art of Activism night during the SASS festival.







Ms. Briq House is an advocate of sensuality and an experiential instructor of intimacy. You may also know her as a Burlesque Performer, Producer, Emcee and all-around Bad Ass Bitch. With a smile that lights up a room and an ass that won’t quit Ms. Briq House offers something for everyone with her sly, seductive, stripteases. This proud size 16 Queen is the Producer of The Sunday Night Shuga Shaq: An All People of Color Burlesque Revue. You can find her and her production at Theatre off Jackson Monthly and at Crush Bar in Portland quarterly!! The next Seattle show are 3/5, 4/2 and 5/7, 2017. Tickets can be purchased on To keep up with Ms. Briq House and all of her shenanigans please follow her on Instagram/Twitter: Ms.Briqhouse or Facebook: Briq House.

Ceyenne Doroshow
 was raised in Brooklyn and fought very hard for her day-to-day survival as a transgender girl. Escaping into the kitchen and learning how to cook became a source of power for Ceyenne, and to this day she uses food to bring people to together and get over their differences. She even published a memoir entitled “Cooking in Heels” based on her life experience. Now a grown lady, she has been blessed to be an advocate, caseworker, lover, and friend. Ceyenne is blessed to have Miss Major as her mother and mentor, and is featured in MAJOR, a film about Miss Major’s life. Ceyenne’s legendary storytelling skills are featured in the Red Umbrella Diaries documentary, and bring her all over the country as a sought after speaker, to share her wisdom, humor, and life lessons as a trans woman of color and sex worker. Ceyenne serves on the Board of SWOP-USA, and contributes her writing to the monthly SWOP-Behind Bars newsletter. She also volunteers extensively at the River Fund in Queens, providing food, pantry, and other necessary services to people in need. Ceyenne will be a speaker at the Harms of Prostitution sick off panel on Friday, and will be reading from her cookbook, Cooking in Heels, at the Art of Activism show on Sunday.


Codi Schei is a Chicago-based sex worker who has been in industry for 10+ years. She has been involved with SWOP Chicago, host a monthly SW social, and most recently helped co-found We Are Dancers USA, a revival of We Are Dancers NYC. When not working or being involved with activism, she loves to travel with her pet pig! Codi will be presenting at the Art of Activism show on Sunday night.







DJ JAWS has been quickly gaining popularity in the Seattle area since his start in the beginning of 2012. His unique live mixing style blends hip-hop, top-40, house, trap, and bass music genres seamlessly to get crowds moving on the dance floor. As a lead DJ at In The Groove Events, JAWS has had the pleasure of working in almost every setting imaginable. When he isn’t doing events for In the Groove, you may catch him at one of Seattle’s nightclubs. He is a high energy DJ that you won’t want to miss! ​DJ Jaws will be rocking the party at the Harlot’s Ball on Saturday night!



 We are honored and excited to welcome
Elene Lam, who has advocated for the sex workers, migrant, labour and gender justice for more than 15 years. She is the founder and director of Butterfly (Asian and Migrant sex workers support network) and Co-director of Migrant Sex Workers Project in Canada. During the SASS kick-off panel, Elene will be referencing the “Harm of Anti-Trafficking Campaigns” statement on the Butterfly website. During the Sunday “Art of Activism” show, Elene will be showcasing artworks and a video from “Butterfly Voices“, an installation that addresses the thoughts, realities, and wishes of migrant sex workers.


Emi Koyama is a multi-issue social justice activist and writer synthesizing feminist, Asian, survivor, dyke, queer, sex worker, intersex, genderqueer, and crip politics, as these factors, while not a complete descriptor of who she is, all impacted her life. Emi was part of the national collective of people of color with histories in the sex trade challenging the escalation of state violence under the guise of addressing sex trafficking and has written and presented extensively on the topic on her blog at and elsewhere.





Hailing from Seattle, EmpeROAR Fabulous!!!’s camp, comedy, innate musicality, and sass have made him a flaming figure of the festival circuit- including The Burlesque Hall Of Fame Weekend 2016 where he competed for Best Boylesque- who’ll fire your fuse and explode your senses. His exclamations will leave you marked!






Logan Haynsworth is a Dallas based activist and loud and proud stripper. While her early years in activism focused heavily on genocide prevention, her experience as a young dancer made see the need for advocacy and resources for those in sex industry. She helped start SWOP Dallas and is now working to empower her fellow dancers as co-founder of We Are Dancers USA, a project that seeks to expand and carry on the work of We Are Dancers NYC. In her free time, Logan teaches yoga and loves to bake. Logan will be presenting at the Art of Activism night on Sunday.





Neural Net, n. A biological computer network designed to explore deep shades of tech house ranging from melodic and instrumental to funky get-down jams to mind-melting and dark sonic territories, but always keeping the dance floor grooving. Operations performed at Kinky Salon, OHM, Kremwerk, Electric Tea Garden, Q, Re-Bar, The Eagle, Vera Project, The Living Room, Monkey Loft, Steamworks, OmCulture and The Cocoon in Seattle, The Majestic, Wild Buffalo and Nightlight in Bellingham, Photosynthesis Festival, AudibleBicycleDay, Critical Massive, SeaCompression and other Burning Man regional events, and numerous outdoor and renegade events. Neural Net will be DJing at the Harlot’s Ball on 3/4 at Club Sur!!



I am an artist. I draw digitally, I write pretty words, I paint. I am currently working on a comic called “moments.” I write my name in lowercase.
noa’s art will be showcased at the Art of Activism night on Sunday.







Lady Olivia Fyre is a Seattle fetish porn producer & Dominatrix.  Through encounters in the kink & porn communities (which often  intertwine), she’s discovered that misconceptions & stigma surrounding  sexual health often prevent people from being as healthy as they can  be. She is a proponent of creating a stigma-free environment, as well  as providing information & resources, all of which encourages people  to take charge of their own sexual welfare. Olivia will be offering a safer sex presentation at the Community Health Fair on Thursday 3/2.




Onyx Asili is an overeducated but down-to-earth force of nature. She considers herself a kinky, semi-radical, sex-positive, monoflexible, womanist queer although most people mistake her the girl-next-door. When she’s not hard at work, you can find her reading comics, watching sci-fi, generally geeking out, or plotting how best to execute her plan to become a modern day Amazon warrior.







Savannah Sly is a jack of all sex trades, a community organizer, and staunch anti-prohibitionist. Savannah loves their whore community, and is dedicated to destigmatizing and decriminalizing sex work in all of its forms. Fancying themselves a bit of a songwriter, Savannah uses music to spin yarns and dish their opinions on bodily autonomy, the art of seduction, and freedom. Savannah cut their teeth on activism with SWOP-Seattle, and has spent the better part of the past two years serving as President for SWOP-USA.





Tobi Hill-Meyer was named #3 in Velvet Park Media’s list of the 25 Most Significant Queer Women and is one of the few people in the world who can claim being both an award winning porn creator and a children’s book author. She is a multiracial trans woman with well over a decade experience working with feminist and LGBTQ organizations and currently serves as board chair at Gender Justice League as well as working as Communications Director at Gay City: Seattle’s LGBTQ Center. With her background in activism, she operates her own media production company, Handbasket Productions, creating stories and entertainment that reflect community needs and values, including her erotic documentary series Doing it Online as well as her just released anthology – Nerve Endings: The New Trans Erotic. 


Vee Chattie is a local loudmouth, sex worker of various stripes, probably an artist, and creator of The Comedy Whore podcast. They can typically be found haunting open mics, dive bars, and the occasional fancy hotel. Vee will be our fabulous host for the Art of Activism Film & Performance evening on Sunday 3/5.






Vixen Valentine learned the do’s and do often’s of burlesque in her hometown of Seattle, WA, USA. With a background in acting, physical theater and vocal work Ms.Valentine brings a sense of play, bright mischievousness, musicality and sensuality to her carefully crafted routines. She has performed internationally in shows and festivals across Europe including the Munich Burlesque Festival, Como Lake Burlesque Festival where she was awarded Most Comedic, the Geneva Burlesque Festival, and at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. You can find more information about Ms. Valentine at




After spending the first 12 years of my legal career as a prosecutor, I opened my own practice in order to provide outstanding support and legal advocacy to those who are facing criminal charges. I purposefully keep a low caseload so that I can give each case my personal attention and so I have sufficient time to meet with my clients, discuss their options, and approach their case in the manner that is the most beneficial to them and their needs. Zachary will be sharing his perspectives at the panel discussion on Friday night.