Where Does the Money Go?

All proceeds from SASS go towards funding SWOP-Seattle, a local non-profit dedicated to educating the public about sex worker issues, and providing community support for retired and current sex workers. SWOP-Seattle is volunteer run, and currently operates on a very modest budget.

2017 Expenses
Printing of Educational Handouts – Fliers, postcards, business cards, buttons, stickers and other items with information about the adult industry.
Street Outreach Program – Toiletries and supplies for street based sex workers, who are the target demographic for our fledgling peer-support outreach program.
Peer Support – Conferences rooms and food/services for community events for the sex worker community, as well as a cabin for the SWOP committee annual planning retreat.
Conference Hotel & Registration Fees – When budget allows we sent SWOP volunteers to the Desiree Alliance and to the Harm Reduction Conference in order to learn more about advocacy work, effective street outreach, volunteer coordination, and how to optimize our efforts to help our community while educating the public.

STAFF! At the end of 2016 SWOP-Seattle received a grant that will enable us to hire contract support to build the infrastructure of our organization and to push forward political advocacy toward decriminalization.  (Funds are earmarked towards part-time support staff, doing a community research project, hosting public awareness projects and coalition building.)  Our budget enables us to do this for six months… SASS will help us continue our work through the year!