In Memory of Domina Carmen


Domina Carmen Groves Zerbini Moriarty

It is with great sadness and wonderful memories that we dedicate this page to the life of Domina Carmen Groves Zerbini Moriarty, an exceptional woman and dear member of our sex worker community.

Carmen’s Celebration of Life Fund
Facebook Memorial Page

Carmen was a Professional BDSM/Fetish service provider and educator. She was an extremely active member in the BDSM community and presented at The Center for Sex Positive Culture, Montreal Fetish Weekend, Twisted Tryst, Kink in the Caribbean, Caribbean Fetish Fest, and Denver’s very own Thunder in the Mountains – where she is remembered for a many things, including her class on “Safe Saline Injection”.

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A friend of Carmen’s on Fetlife, Subalix, composed this poem in honor of Carmen’s life, which we would like to share here:

A Woman died today
A Woman flies today
So many Souls in Her
Ready to fly again
We won’t see Her again
We’ll meet Them all again

We wish you a wonderful journey,
with love from SWOP-Seattle.

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How to Participate as a Donor

 How to Participate as a Sponsor:
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Tangible goods and certificates
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Financial Sponsorship
Financial sponsorship starts at $100, and will earn your company or organization placement on our website, in our online newsletters and printed materials, and verbally at live events. We are grateful for financial support of any size, and will list all sponsors with enthusiasm, and will do our best to broadcast everyone equally…unless you give us a LOT of money, in which case we’ll totally put your banner at the top.

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Sponsorship Spec Deadlines for Sponsor Inclusion:
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How to Participate as a Donor:
There are so many ways to contribute! Here are a few things we are seeking:

• Materials for throwing events such as food, beverages, paper plates/utensils.
• Volunteers! We will gladly accept donations in the form of live event support.
• Financial support for venue rentals, printing, food/beverage, etc.

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We're speaking up…are you ready to listen?

For far too long, sex workers have been ignored and silenced when they speak up on the very issues that effect them directly, and we’ve had enough of it. We’re taking Seattle by storm for one solid weekend in March, sharing our sex worker culture and perspectives with the world, building our own stage from which to speak our truth. 

The Seattle Annual Sex Work Symposium will educate, entertain, and enlighten the public, strengthening our sex worker community in the process. We invite you to join us in a week-long celebration of the people who participate in the erotic trade, all of which will center around March 3rd, Sex Worker Rights Day. 

Where Does the Money Go?

All proceeds from SASS go toward funding SWOP-Seattle, a local non-profit dedicated to educating the public about sex worker issues, and providing community support for retired and current sex workers. SWOP-Seattle is entirely volunteer run, and currently operates on a very modest budget.

2014 Expenses
Printing of Educational Handouts – Fliers, postcards, business cards, buttons, stickers and other items with information about the adult industry.
Street Outreach Program – Toiletries and supplies for street based sex workers, who are the target demographic for our fledgeling peer-support outreach program.
Venue Rentals – Meeting spaces for community events for the sex workers, as well as a cabin for the SWOP committee annual planning retreat.
Conference Hotel & Registration Fees – In Oct 2014, we’ve sent Six! SWOP volunteers to the Harm Reduction Conference in Baltimore to learn more about advocacy work, effective street outreach, volunteer coordination, and how to optimize our efforts to help our community while educating the public.

Our Dreams…Help Us Fund These Initiatives!
Permanent Meeting/Office Space – Currently, SWOP-Seattle is limited to hosting many community events at private homes, as our budget is limited. We are currently renting publicly accessible space once a month, for our volunteer drop-in days, and would love to find a permanent meeting and office space for a regular office and storage for our supplies, as well as flexible meeting space, and with the ability to accommodate volunteer health care professionals and counseling services.
Media Budget for Education & Advocacy – We have some fabulous graphic designers who donate their time to making education materials available for SWOP-Seattle. We would like a more ample budget so that we can print additional materials to provide to the public, send to events for tabling, and offer to our sex worker community. Printed materials include outreach resource maps and guides, posters for events, and educational hand outs such as our “How to Be an Ally to Sex Workers” cards, and “You Might Think…” myth-busting info cards. We would also like to undertake some video projects, and would like to offer a video editor a stipend for their time so that we can broadcast our message.
Street Outreach Program Coordinator – We would like to offer a small stipend to a SWOP volunteer so that they could dedicate more time to getting our street outreach program off the ground. Currently, our volunteers hand out supplies and information on the street, and we are doing a trial run of hosting a drop-in night at a women’s center once a month. Street based sex workers are the most vulnerable group within our broader community, and we feel that we are in a good position to offer them resources and the non-judgmental support they need.
Continuing Education for SWOP Representatives – Via our modest funding, we have managed to send representatives and volunteers from SWOP-Seattle to conferences specializing in sex worker issues, such at the Desiree Alliance Conference and Harm Reduction Conference. These summits not only inspire our members, but equip them with valuable skills,  information, and networking contacts to enhance our efforts here in Seattle.