2017 Performers & Presenters

the Berry
the Berry is an all star and a Roddick bodyworker with multiple disabilities. She uses sex work as performance art to explore the way Disability and desirability function in our society. She also writes/and ask political energy work via skeleton cowgirls, ghost manatees, and waterways underneath Florida – – all part of the manuscript she’ll be reading from at the Art of Activism night during the SASS festival.





Ceyenne Doroshow
was raised in Brooklyn and fought very hard for her day-to-day survival as a transgender girl. Escaping into the kitchen and learning how to cook became a source of power for Ceyenne, and to this day she sues food to bring people to together and get over their differences. She even published a memoir entitled “Cooking in Heels” based on her life experience. Now a grown lady, she has been blessed to be an advocate, caseworker, lover, and friend. Ceyenne is blessed to have Miss Major as her mother and mentor, and is featured in MAJOR, a film about Miss Major’s life. Ceyenne’s legendary storytelling skills are featured in the Red Umbrella Diaries documentary, and bring her all over the country as a sought after speaker, to share her wisdom, humor, and life lessons as a trans woman of color and sex worker. Ceyenne serves on the Board of SWOP-USA, and contributes her writing to the monthly SWOP-Behind Bars newsletter. She also volunteers extensively at the River Fund in Queens, providing food, pantry, and other necessary services to people in need.


 We are honored and excited to welcome
Elene Lam, who has advocated for the sex workers, migrant, labour and gender justice for more than 15 years. She is the founder and director of Butterfly (Asian and Migrant sex workers support network) and Co-director of Migrant Sex Workers Project in Canada. During the SASS kick-off panel, Elene will be referencing the “Harm of Anti-Trafficking Campaigns” statement on the Butterfly website. During the Sunday “Art of Activism” show, Elene will be showcasing artworks and a video from “Butterfly Voices“, an installation that addresses the thoughts, realities, and wishes of migrant sex workers.


Logan Haynsworth is a Dallas based activist and loud and proud stripper. While her early years in activism focused heavily on genocide prevention, her experience as a young dancer made see the need for advocacy and resources for those in sex industry. She helped start SWOP Dallas and is now working to empower her fellow dancers as co-founder of We Are Dancers USA, a revival of We Are Dancers NYC. In her free time, Logan teaches yoga and loves to bake.




I am an artist. I draw digitally, I write pretty words, I paint. I am currently working on a comic called “moments.” I write my name in lowercase.
noa’s art will be showcased at the Art of Activism night on Sunday.






Savannah Sly is a jack of all sex trades, accidental community organizer, and staunch anti-prohibitionist. Savannah loves their whore community, and is essentially hell bent on destigmatizing and decriminalizing sex work in all of it’s forms. Fancying themselves a bit of a songwriter, Savannah uses music to sin yarns and dish their opinions on bodily autonomy, seduction, and freedom. Savannah cut their teeth on activism with SWOP-Seattle, and has spent the better part of the past two years serving as President for SWOP-USA.



Bio coming soon!

Bio coming soon!