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Thank you for your interest in helping SASS! This event is run entirely by volunteers, and your contributions help out in a BIG way. Below you will find info on how to contribute as either a sponsor or a donor.

Contact us at to make arrangements or ask questions.

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How to Participate as a Sponsor
Sponsorship Spec Deadlines for Sponsor Inclusion
Specs for Printed & Online Sponsor Inclusion
How to Participate as a Donor

 How to Participate as a Sponsor:
In return for your support, we will (loudly) sing your praises in our printed materials, at live events, and on our online newsletters and website. Here are two ways to sponsor SASS:

Tangible goods and certificates
We are seeking items and certificates of varying value for our live events. Bigger ticket items would be included in our silent auction and raffle. Smaller items will be used as prizes at our Sexy Circus, and as thank you gifts to performers and presenters. We are also happy to accept items for catering such as cupcakes, finger foods, beverages, cute napkins, and so forth. 

Financial Sponsorship
Financial sponsorship starts at $100, and will earn your company or organization placement on our website, in our online newsletters and printed materials, and verbally at live events. We are grateful for financial support of any size, and will list all sponsors with enthusiasm, and will do our best to broadcast everyone equally…unless you give us a LOT of money, in which case we’ll totally put your banner at the top.

Contact us at to make arrangements or ask questions.

Sponsorship Spec Deadlines for Sponsor Inclusion:
On Printed Posters – Tues. Nov. 25th
In Printed Event Programs – Wed December 3th
On SASS Website – Wed. December 10th
At Live Events -Thurs. December 11th

 Artwork Specs for Printed & Online Inclusion
All of our spots and spaces for sponsors will be slightly different depending on the medium. Please just send us your largest images, and our fabulous designer will whip them into shape.

Posters, Programs, & Printed Materials – 300 resolution jpg, tiff, psd, ai
Website & Online Newsletters – minimum 72 resolution jpg, tiff, psd, ai



How to Participate as a Donor:
There are so many ways to contribute! Here are a few things we are seeking:

• Materials for throwing events such as food, beverages, paper plates/utensils.
• Volunteers! We will gladly accept donations in the form of live event support.
• Financial support for venue rentals, printing, food/beverage, etc.

Contact Us:

If you would like to sponsor or donate to SASS, or ask us questions, please contact us at